I provide time limited psychotherapy to adults with anxiety disorders (e.g., panic, emetophobia), OCD, and PTSD. My style is warm, active, present-oriented, and focused on clear goals. I offer specific treatment plans that are between 12 and 20 sessions.

Currently my practice is full, so I am not taking on new patients right now. Visit ABCT.org to find a therapist who offers evidence based psychotherapy.


I have trained at Harvard Medical School, Stanford University, and UNC Chapel Hill. I am consistently updating my skills and knowledge with workshops, conventions, and consultation. I systematically track progress and seek feedback, and use this information to refine treatment and optimize success for the people I work with.


I use methods that have scientific support for their effectiveness and efficiency. My training and treatment approach is cognitive-behavioral (CBT) and includes recent acceptance and mindfulness-based adaptations. I emphasize a collaborative relationship, and encourage my clients to take a very active role in their treatments.


The majority of my practice is people with panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety, PTSD, and emetophobia. The gold standard treatments for these include exposure, cognitive restructuring, mindfulness, and acceptance based strategies. Those are the interventions I use. I also work with body focused repetitive behaviors, and use habit reversal training and comprehensive behavioral treatment as the primary interventions there.