Karaoke & Excitement

If anxiety holds you back from doing something, watch this video for one idea on how to effectively frame those sensations.  Then come back.

I love the specific suggestion to think of it as excitement– the physical experience really is the same, and the label is legitimate. In addition, the underlying message here is that you need not get rid of (or even decrease!!) those sensations. Once you get in the habit of not making this goal so very central, anxiety genuinely grows quieter. And experiences get more comfortable. But, in the meantime, who needs calm when you’ve got excitement!!

I also like this strategy as an attention diffuser. Yes, there is anxiety. And your default is a laser focus on that and that alone. But remind yourself there is also excitement.  There is also karaoke. There is also adventure. There is also friends. There is also  …..etc. There are many aspects to attend to. Broaden your attention because that laser focus on anxiety misleads you into thinking that is all that experience has to offer.

Happy singing.